Calling all CEO’s, Executive Leaders, and Entrepreneurs! Come listen in and learn the branding, sales, and business strategies that will support you in making more money and time freedom into your business and life.

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inner feminine beast™


Cynthia Stant is a dedicated student to metaphysics, a self made millionaire and a CEO. In her first 4 months of owning her own business, she hit 6 figures and in first 6 months, she hit MULTI 6 figures, and has been skyrocketing since!

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You will explore the mindset of a successful entrepreneur, learn proven sales techniques that are based on universal concepts, hear interviews with other 7 figure entrepreneurs about their spiritual and success journey, and learn how to tap into your intuition to make sure you are making the right moves and scoring big wins in business and life!

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There is so much rich, beautiful content in each episode. Once you listen, you’ll be back for more. Cynthia’s knowledge and understanding of the metaphysical is brought to life through examples and stories. I’m grateful this podcast exists. Every time I listen I’m reminded to connect to my IFB and that is where my true power lies.

Cynthia is full of passion and wisdom. She walks the talk. You’ll love this podcast and the soul she pours into it. She is an incredible leader who inspires women to step into the highest version of themselves by embodying Inner Feminine Beast!

Cynthia puts everything she discusses in such a way that not only does it make sense, I feel an inspirational breakthrough after almost every listen. Such a breath of fresh air!

I am so happy that Cynthia started her own podcast. I couldn’t hit the subscribe button fast enough!! She is a powerhouse in her own right and this podcast is super inspiring for me and anyone who is into self development.

I love how uplifting and motivating Cynthia’s podcast is! This podcast is helping me to stay motivated and fired up which helps me tackle my to do list in the right order! I’ve been following cynthia since January 2021 and have picked up so many valuable nuggets of information on universal laws, tapping into my inner feminine beast and managing my life.

Cynthia is a true goddess. Her SSS system has been such a game changer for me in both my day to day experience of peace, confidence, grounding, & joy, but also led to success in some longtime goals. I love her incredible guidance, her presentation of information, & her system which has action items & combines ideology as well as how to put momentum into your desired outcome!