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Cynthia Stant is a sales consultant, brand strategist, and self-made millionaire. After conquering the corporate world of sales at an executive level, she left her management position and transitioned into helping 6-figure entrepreneur women get to 7-figures through her group coaching and private mentorship by switching from a scalable business model to a premium business model where they work less, earn more money, and attract clients who see their value. She also supports 7-figure CEOs by training their sales teams so that they sky rocket their revenue, secure world class talent, and create a success-driven and loyal company culture.

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executive sales coaching

The executive sales coaching experience is when Cynthia comes into your business, studies all of your programs and content, and provides a customized coaching experience for your full sales team so that they are consistently selling. If you’re ready to add multiple 6 figures to your monthly revenue, this is for you.

1:1 coaching

with cynthia

If you have really big goals and are ready to hyper speed your results by having accountability and daily support in your efforts, then 1:1 coaching if for you.

ifb inner circle

The IFB Inner Circle is for you if you are a success driven female entrepreneur who wants the aligned structure, systems, strategies, and live customized coaching support from Cynthia in a group container, then this is the program for you!



If you are a committed, self sufficient woman who desires customized support, quick results, and a strategic plan to make shifts in your business that will add zeros to your bank account, create more freedom in your calendar, and help you create impact with your unique god given purpose, this is the option for you. Done in person or virtually!