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Cynthia Stant is a sales consultant, brand strategist, and self-made millionaire. After conquering the corporate world of sales at an executive level, she left her management position and transitioned into helping 6-figure entrepreneur women get to 7-figures through her group coaching and private mentorship by switching from a scalable business model to a premium business model where they work less, earn more money, and attract clients who see their value. She also supports 7-figure CEOs by training their sales teams so that they sky rocket their revenue, secure world class talent, and create a success-driven and loyal company culture.

She’s a passionate speaker who teaches artfully and authentically. Cynthia owes all of her success in selling and her business to the studies of Metaphysics and her relationship with God.

Cynthia’s ultimate goal is to support committed women entrepreneurs to connect and embody their Inner Feminine Beast™️, the highest version of you that has the power, strength, courage, and clarity to create the business that supports you in serving your god given purpose and claiming the life you desire. Cynthia is also the host of the Inner Feminine Beast™ podcast which covers topics such as sales strategies, online business industry trends, leadership, metaphysics, success, and the entrepreneurial journey through her 7-figure guests. Acknowledge It. Embrace It. See It Through.

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