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In this Virtual Intensive VIP Day, I will assist you by conducting a social media audit, identify your avatar, and structure your program, pricing, offers, and future conversion events amongst many other things. You will walk away with instant breakthroughs to apply and monetize immediately. My VIP Days can be for anybody at any different level. I've helped people who literally didn't even have a business at all, make a million dollars in the first year after one day with me! If you want my executive sales coaching, but you want the quick silver bullet or gold nugget to bring in more cash, this is for you! You can use it any way you want. It's fully customized. I'm happy to do it in-person or virtually.

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this is for you if...

VIP Days are for you if you are a multiple 6-figure woman and dabbling is not your style. You’re all in and ready for customized step by step support that you can implement immediately. If you want to go fast, this is it. You want an expert to look over all of your stuff and create an aligned game plan with your purpose and preferred lifestyle. So if you’re looking to start your own consulting business, get help pricing/packaging/promote your purpose, or shifting your already successful scalable model to a premium model, Cynthia will teach you what to sell and how to sell it. This is all done in one day, it’s important to have fresh eyes to help you re-position, reinvent, and remodel your existing offers to attract more ideal clients who are ready to pay for your value.


Channeling and deeply connecting

to your Inner Feminine Beast™

Structuring your business

to fit into your desired lifestyle

Identifying your perfect client

so you can reach your target audience

Structuring, pricing, and packaging

your different offers

Creating blueprints

to secure future income and create recurring revenue

Create a solid understanding of the art of direct messaging

to connect and move leads through the sales process

Determining weekly marketing must-dos

to generate leads

Discussing how to convert leads

via connection calls, consultations, and customized conversion strategies


Help you to identify and create multiple streams of income

Build multiple tiers

for your programs

Build clients for life

and build retention

Help you to schedule your entire year

for launch, conversion, coaching events so you can create a business that revolves around their lifestyle, not a lifestyle that revolves around their business.

Help you take your ideas, and turn them into scalable offers

to grow your profitable business quickly

Anything you would like more support on, this experience is entirely customizable.


heidi rain
Codependency Expert
& Addiction Consultant
harminder dokal
Communication & Personal
Branding Coach
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