Why Vulnerability is Your Secret Sales Superpower (and Two Ways to Activate It)

Have you ever felt your stomach tighten when someone schedules a sales call with you? 

You know it’s a good thing, and you’ve done it many times, but you still feel butterflies. It’s not your favorite thing. In fact, sometimes it intimidates you. 

How do you change that? How do you go from dreading sales calls to relaxing and even looking forward to them? 

What is the secret superpower that highly abundant business owners use to make sales less stressful and more successful, and how can you tap into it too? 

The answer? Vulnerability. 

Vulnerability is your biggest superpower. 

Why? Because it earns your client’s trust. 

The bottom line is: When people trust you, they buy from you. Period. 

As a business owner, you have a purpose. Something you want to give to others. 

Those others are your clients, and when you can tap into your vulnerability and sell successfully, you create a beautiful bridge that lets you live your purpose and create an impact while supporting people’s growth. 

That is what sales is really about!

Unfortunately, sales gets a bad rap. 

Just log onto Facebook or Instagram, and every third post is trying to sell you some new product or service that will solve “all your problems.” 

It makes sense if you don’t want to add to that. 

You want people to know how much you care about them and want to help. If they buy, it’s to their benefit, and gives you a chance to help and serve them in return. 

That’s what I’m going to show you how to do today. 

So, how do you bring more vulnerability into your sales conversations? 

How do you activate trust with potential clients, helping them relax into a conversation between two friends that naturally leads them to seeing the value of signing up with you? 

The first step is awareness. 

If you don't like something, the first way to change it is to become aware of it. 

Don’t like selling? Notice that! Sit with it. Observe it. 

Most people don’t bring this kind of awareness to their subconscious thoughts. They just allow them to run their life on autopilot.

But when you bring awareness to how you feel, you realize “I should do something about this.” Right? 

So ask yourself: How do I feel about sales? What is my opinion on it? 

Now, once you’re aware of how you feel about sales, I want you to align with your Inner Feminine Beast™. Because I promise you, this part of you understands that your purpose is to serve. 

And if you don’t sell, how can you serve? Service happens through selling. Read that again. 

The second step is service

Sales is service, but it's also about providing solutions to needs or problems you see in the world. 

Whether it’s plastic on beaches, or lifting your friends spirits with a Friday night dance party on the town… if you’re looking for an outcome around something you care about, you are selling

The great thing about selling from this space of service and wanting to help or make things better for others is that it creates a domino effect of service. 

When you give graciously from the heart, people tell their friends. 

Half of the women in my programs are referrals whose friends brought them alone. 

When you are serving because you care, that’s natural! 

Want a few more tips you can use to increase your sales, drop more into vulnerability in your selling, and transform how you feel about having sales conversations each day?

Listen to the podcast below!

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