What Are Your Natural Business Strengths?

There is a lot to be learned about yourself in business.

Whether you are doing it on your own or you have a team, it’s important to understand your strengths and your natural inclinations.

Let’s dive in.

My husband owns two businesses, one of them being a real estate investment company, which I also invest in. Just as this Inner Feminine Beast business is my baby, that business is his! But the big difference is that he has partners in that business. He has people to bounce ideas off of, who run things with him.

The best part? Every role is a natural fit. They have naturally gravitated to the things about being in business that they like doing and that they’re naturally good at.

My husband’s business partner is the shot-caller. He likes being the shot-caller. I like being the shot-caller, too!

I love being the face of my company. I love being the one that interacts with our clients. I love thinking about the big picture. I love thinking many steps ahead. I love being creative.

I don’t so much love:

  • Day-to-day operations
  • Being tactical
  • Being mechanical
  • Admin and ops

I’ve done them, of course, and I will continue to do them.

I need to understand that everything in my business comes down to one thing and every role in every business has one thing that they're responsible for.

So if you're marketing, for instance, you can do a million things (emails, social posts, etc.) - but what is the point of all of that?

There's always one point. The point of all of that is lead generation.

Or look at your sales department. Yes, you can have a million consoles. Yes, you can have strategy sessions. Yes, you can send a million DMS. But here's the thing: I don't care if you send a million DMS, because what's the point?

The point of it all is conversion.

That's the most important thing.

As a leader of your company, and as the CEO, you are the leader, you're the shot caller, you're the visionary.

So it’s really special to know where your natural strengths lie. But it’s also important to know the activities and purpose of every department.

What are your natural strengths and weaknesses? What are your departmental hires focusing on? How can you make moves as a solopreneur? Listen to the podcast below to learn more!

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