Tips & Tricks For Hiring An Amazing Sales Team

There is simply no way to scale up your dream business by yourself.

It’s a universal fact that you’ve gotta delegate, and that the best businesses are built on great teams. If you want to scale your sales, you need a sales team. You simply cannot do it all alone.

But you can’t have just any not-super-great sales team representing you and prospecting for you. You need a great team. Here’s how to get those right people sourced and hired.

Whether you’ve hired a hundred times before or this is your first rodeo, these tips are good as gold.

Amazing talent drives amazing revenue, but it’s amazing company culture that attracts and keeps that talent. If you want the best, you have to offer them the best in return.

To source that talent, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. You’re not hiring a position, you’re hiring a solution. You might happen to find the best, most perfect person for your team when you’re not necessarily looking to fill a role. Or the role you have open isn’t 100% a match.

That’s OK!

You’re not hiring a role, you’re hiring a person. Be flexible and agile enough on your end to change a plan to fit when the right person comes along.

Find people who can add value to your business and who know what that value is. Let them sell themselves to you. You’ll find out if the needs are a match PLUS you’ll learn about that person. If they can sell themselves as a solution to you, then there’s a high chance they’ll be able to sell whatever you need them to to your customers.

When it comes to key qualities you want to look for, here are a few of my favorites. A good salesperson should be:

  • Goal-oriented
  • Organized
  • Creative
  • Persistent

A good salesperson will also ask a lot of questions - so let them ask away! Encourage questions, in fact.

Remember, too, top talent will have options so be transparent with them and create a feeling that they want to choose to work with you above anyone else.

How can you optimize your business by bringing on the right team? What will having the right people in the right roles mean for your growth? Follow the Inner Feminine Beast™ for more insight!

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