Pivoting from a scalable model to a premium business model to work less and earn more

We’re all on a similar business journey, right? 

We’ve built something really cool, we’ve scaled it up from our early days, but then comes the next big step: making it premium. So that means your next step is flipping the switch on your business model to be a premium offer and attract premium clients. After all, a premium model means pricing and offer points that let you make more money while working fewer hours yourself.

I have been able to change my schedule and allow myself to not work on Fridays, and potentially Mondays as well. I have taken about a week of vacation off every month. Right now I have it down to only two days a month that I am actually working with clients. I want you to be able to have the same schedule freedom as myself.

So just how do you change your model from a scaling focus to being premium? 

First things first,

if you’re making more income and taking in less clients, you are able to devote more time to each client, and therefore are creating a bigger impact on them. But, you have to make sure these clients are your ideal clients. You have to make sure they really value what you do, and are as committed to getting the results as you are.

Second, you have to hire a good team.

I have shared with you already tips and tricks for hiring a good sales team. Read that, and use it! You have to be able to delegate to that team, and if they aren’t effective, and you can’t trust them to get things done without you, you are not going to be able to change your business model effectively.


when you make this shift, you have to make sure that your marketing or the image you are giving off, is attracting your ideal client that you’ve established. 

I stand for luxury, sexy, empowered, multiple 6-8 figure woman because that is the type of client I want to attract. You want to be able to attract people who can easily access you, your goals, and your offers. 

Last thing, when it comes time for launch, make sure you are filling it with people who will actually be impacted by you, and want to invest in your programs. 

It doesn’t matter how sexy you are, how perfect your program is, or how well spoken you are, if you don’t have the right people there, you won’t see results. That’s why it’s important to narrow down on your ideal client from the start, so when it comes time to launch, you aren’t stressed trying to get the right people there. 

If you want more hands-on and immersive instruction with me, come to my Sales is Sexy and Simple Event in Orlando, Florida February 10th. We will change your offers right then and there. We will open up your calendar and make it the most efficient it can be to allow you more freedom with your time, and so much more!

Go to my events page on my website for more information, and to apply to the waitlist!

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