How Roleplaying Is The Key To Consistent Sales

Coaching is a never ending pursuit and that’s especially true when it comes to sales!

The sales cycle is a constant chain of sourcing and relationship building and there’s just no getting around it - you’re gonna be on the phone, making calls. There are three main types of calls - business calls, strategic calls, and consultation calls - and there is one surefire way to keep getting better at each of them, which leads to more sales.

And that’s through roleplaying.

Roleplaying calls really puts you in the shoes of your potential client. It keeps you going into every subsequent call more and more prepared.

I like to approach my calls from a client’s mindset because how else will I understand what and how to communicate to them better?

Whether it’s your sales team making the calls or you yourself - you’ll work best when you’ve practiced calls time and again from their point of view. 

While every call is unique, they’re not all that different at the heart of it, are they? Not only will you only be making those three main types of calls (business, strategic, and consultation) but you’ll find that your calls follow certain patterns and trends.

When it comes to sales calls, there are no new hurdles under the sun. In fact, every objection you ever hear will fall into one of a few pre-existing categories. Once you know how to respond to the general category of objection or question or whatever, you’ll be much more reactive on the fly.

It’s all about practice and readying yourself - and then it’s about follow-through. Stay in touch with prospects who “might be ready soon.” Remember, too, you are using these calls as mutually beneficial opportunities. You’re not here to strong-arm anyone into something they’re not ready for.

With roleplaying and practice, the natural flow of those conversations will get easier.

You’re always going to be coaching your team and also coaching yourself.

After all, just like in anything, practice makes perfect.

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