Having God As Your Business Partner

What exactly does it mean to have God as your business partner? Further, why do you have God as your business partner? 

Well, for starters, being a solopreneur can be a bit lonely sometimes. It’s just you calling all the shots, doing all the things, making all the decisions.

That can get old fast!

And that was my solopreneur life until I invited God in to be my business partner.

My husband runs two businesses, and in each, he’s not alone. In fact, in the real estate investment business he runs (that I also invest in) he’s got partners! People he works hand-in-hand with on a daily basis and who help run the business.

So I found myself getting a little bit jealous of my hubby in that regard.

He wasn’t off on his own. He didn’t have to decide it all solo.

So I got to thinking. I’m calling the shots, yes, but what support do I have?

Well, I have a highly qualified team! My marketing department creates great content and plans - but all in service of a higher goal: attracting and converting prospects.

My sales team handles cold calls and client engagement and data, all in service of a higher goal: attracting and converting prospects.

And that’s when it hit me. This was markedly similar to my relationship with God.

I have God in my life, not just for business. Success is so much more than just business and finance. God is also in my relationships, including the one with my partner and the ones with my children. I bring God into my health. I bring God even into my fitness and into my everyday life!

But a big part of my world is my business because my business truly is a way that I am able to create more freedom. And of course, it's how I provide for my family and achieve my personal dreams as well.

But it's through serving and doing God's work.

So I have a contract with God, where I say: “God, I am willing to be vulnerable, I'm willing to take leaps of faith, I willing to invest heavily. And I'm willing to get things wrong and learn to continue to move. I am willing to spread your word and to help as many people along the way. But when I give this much, I also need to be supported in order to be able to give that much. And I also need to receive that much fuel to support my family to make all this makes sense.”

It's a give-and-take that the tides go out the tides come in, it's a beautiful partnership.

It's like the masculine, the feminine.

It's all of it combined.

So I bring God into my business.

How can you chase business success by bringing God into your business? How can you balance your duties and your dreams? Follow the Inner Feminine Beast for more insight!

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