3 Tips to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketing World

When you go to market yourself, does it ever feel like you’re talking into a void?

Do you feel like there is SO MUCH white noise out there? Do you wonder how you’re going to get through?

You’re definitely not alone.

The cold hard truth of the matter is this: To get more clients you have to get in front of more eyes. And not just get in front of those eyes - attract those eyes. Capture that attention. Have your business solutions sound invaluable to an audience.

So how do you do that? In three different ways.

ONE: Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment.

Especially as you are searching to find your true niche, get creative. You won’t know what works best and what doesn’t if you don’t try a little of a lot of things.

Does going live on social media work better for you or do evergreen videos? Do subject lines with emojis garner clicks or do people open subjects with statistics?

You want to think of almost every marketing activity in terms of A/B testing. Try out different strategies and keep what works, ditch what doesn’t.

As you go along, continue fine-tuning your strategies.

TWO: Be Selective & Segment.

Don’t market to everybody because you’re not for everybody.

The only way to stand out and cultivate a dedicated base is to find your niche and really, truly speak to them.

Understanding your specific audience’s specific problems will get you a lot farther than broadcasting general solutions and services.

People don’t buy in when there’s nothing specific to call to them.

THREE: Ask The Audience

You may know exactly what you’re selling and exactly why it rocks, but what if you’re having trouble communicating that? What if it doesn’t fully match your audience’s expectations? What if your audience is having trouble finding or connecting with you?

You build trust through transparency and communication - so use that to your advantage!

TALK to your clients and prospects. Ask questions!

What struggles are you having? What social media channels are you on? How do you like to get your information?

This doesn’t make you sound weak - it makes you sound approachable and trustworthy! Plus, you’ll get the most accurate answers on HOW and WHERE you can cut through that white sales noise better.

Being better educated on your audience and being more willing to try new things is a perfect way to align with your Inner Feminine Beast™. 

Want more tips you can use to increase your visibility, propel your sales, and connect with your authentic audience? Listen to the podcast below!

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