IFB sales academy

IFB Sales Academy is for you if you’re an amazing coach or consultant and you're ready to achieve 6 figures this year in your online business.



This program is designed specifically for coaches who aspire to achieve 6-figure earnings and beyond. By enrolling in this program, you will gain comprehensive insights into pricing, packaging, and promoting your purpose, identify profit-producing activities, and learn how to consistently make sales. Through these strategies and more, you can not only achieve financial success but also make a greater impact on your clients' lives and enjoy more time freedom to pursue your passions.

with this program, you'll be able to:

  • Get immediate support & feedback on your business ideas

  • Have a plethora of trainings that cover sales, marketing, mindset, successful business systems, & more!

  • Learn new strategies so you can work less and earn more money

  • Work and help people who are your dream clients

  • Have more energy and time to do what you please, knowing that your business is running successfully without you in it 24/7

  • Create amazing relationships to help further your personal and business growth

  • Receive incredible ideas and networking opportunities

  • Be held accountable to your goals


Standards of Leadership & Self Discipline

Indentifying the standards of your Inner Feminine Beast™

Creating a Company Culture of Growth


Performance Based Expectations

Determining the Yearly Game Plan

Program Launches

Conversion Events

Pricing, Budgeting, Forecasting

Tools for Organization

Protocols & Metrics

Implementing, Hyper-speeding, and Condensing Time

Utilizing Time as your Most Important Asset

Time Blocking

Being a Woman of your Word

Visibility and Lead Generation

Energy of Branding & The Art of Going Live

Identifying your Individual Unique Superpowers

Creating Emotional Connection & Authenticity

Earning the Trust of your Avatar

Ins & Outs of Effective Live Videos that Convert

Content Creation & Consistency

Industry Secrets for Creating Consistent Content that Converts

Filling your Calendar Months in Advance with Content


Building your Personal Branding Foundation

Understanding Who you are and Who you Serve

Attracting your Avatar through Killer Content

Sales and Creative Conversions

Spiritual Selling, Earning Trust, & Developing Real Connections

Energetic Intention

White Boards

Organizing & Focus

Inviting God into your Business & Sales Conversations

Cynthia’s Signature Sales System

Utilizing Pop Up Databases

Securing MULTI 5 Figure Cash Days with 2 day Presentation

Get Paid for Workshops that used to be Complimentary

Providing Options

Using Invitations for a "Downsell" when in Reality it is an "Upsell"

Overcoming Sales Objections

Every Objection Ever Given & How to Overcome Them

Top 13 Sales Objections and Answers to go with Them

Plus Role Play

Team Leadership for Production, Profit, & An Amazing Client Experience

Determining Company Culture For Maximum Team Efficiency

Hiring & Growing Your Team

Knowing Your Team’s Why

Implementing SOPs

Management Meetings

Team Camaraderie

Team Brand Awareness & Emergence

Leading Effective Marketing & Profitable Sales

Clear Expectations

Daily & Monthly Metrics

Individual Evaluations

Exceptional Customer Support & Streamlined Operations

Communication Policy

Boundaries & Standards

Accountability For Results


Operational Organization

Retention & Growth

Lifetime Cycle of Client

Client Attraction

Enrollment & Onboarding

Path of Growth

Retention & Keeping a Client for Life

Customization & Courageous Conversations

Group Coaching that isn’t Cookie Cutter & Meets the Personal

Needs/Wants of your Clients

Leading by Example

Gracefully Addressing Issues & Confrontation


Having Effective Referral Campaigns & Incentives


Brand Awareness & Top of Mind Recognition

mastering sales
bonus trainings & resources
  • Mindset Work Behind Successful Selling & Being The CEO

  • Vision Casting: Knowing Your End Result, Pricing & Packaging Your Purpose

  • Knowing your Numbers: Important Sales Metrics

  • Where Do You Stand In Your Market? How Do You Get Your Client RESULTS?

  • Identifying Your Ideal Client: Knowing Your Perfect Avatar

  • The Art Of Qualifying Your Ideal Client

  • Set The Standard, Lead By Example, & Know What Your Ideal Client Feels Like

  • The Power Of Emotional Connection & The Law Of Assumption In Sales

  • The 3 Must Have's In Every Sales Conversation

  • Showing You How To XYZ So You Can 123: Being The Answer For Your Ideal Client

  • Database Training

  • Building An Audience: Lead Generation & Organic Growth

  • Creating A Schedule For Daily Engagement In Your Facebook Group

  • Click Click Sale! Setting Your Social Media Profile Up For Success

  • DM Strategy Conversations For Qualifying

  • Customized Assets- The Magic Behind Making Sales in DM's

  • 3 Calls To Be Having: Connection Calls For Prospects & Proximity

  • 3 Calls To Be Having: Strategy Call

  • 3 Calls To Be Having: Consult Call

  • Your Facebook Group Is A Party! Understand How The Sales Funnel Works

  • Your Magical Money Board

  • Overcoming EVERY Objection

  • How To Name FB Groups, Programs, Workshops & Masterclasses

  • Cynthia Stant's One Day Irresistible Sales Presentation

  • All the Ins & Outs of a "POP UP" Facebook Group

  • Podcast Editing & Scheduling Training

  • Podcast Media Kit

  • Launch Prep Checklist & Workflow

  • How To Stream Zoom on Facebook

  • Example Conversation Flow: Getting Podcast Guest Information

  • Knowing your Numbers: Important Sales Metrics

  • Categorized Podcast Episodes Website Example

  • What Are You Available For?


Bimonthly live group sessions

Each session is an hour and a half long where Cynthia will take time to teach and coach you on your specific business questions. This is hot seat styled coaching, where Cynthia's team will gather your unique questions before every live session so Cynthia can research and support you fully.

Access to the membership portal

where you can review all recorded live sessions and trainings,. There is a plethora of trainings to support you in sales, marketing, podcasting, public relations, leadership, client retention, building a premium business model, and more! You'll also receive the templates and relevant resources that Cynthia uses in her business and what other clients have requested. If the program doesn't have it, it will be made for you!

Access to Facebook group community

where you can ask your questions, network, and share your wins with the other women in the program. Cynthia and her team have a 24 hour response rate, so you will always feel supported. You'll also have an opportunity to sign up for a monthly accountability call with a member of Cynthia's team. This call is designed to help you overcome any obstacles you face and give you clarity on how to achieve your goals.

IFB intensive pre-work form

which includes questions about you and your business. This survey will help us make the most out of our time in this program and focus on exactly what you need help with in order to get your desired results.

you'll gain access to CYNTHIA'S Spiritual Success Experience

This 12-month program is valued at over $10,000 and is designed to support you in mastering your mindset, meditation, metaphysics, and manifestation so you can be the leader of your business and your LIFE. Additional topics you'll learn are relationships, money mindset, health/wellness, energy work, connecting to your Inner Feminine Beast™.

kimberly olson quarterly teachings

Kimberly Olson (CEO of The Goal Digger Girl, Marketing Mogul) will be teaching quarterly in the program. Other high-level guest experts will dive into topics such as podcasting, presenting, subconscious programming, etc.


payment plan
payment plan


Per month, prices in USD

You'll gain access to the Spiritual Success Experience
Bimonthly live group sessions
Over 30 sales trainings and mastering sales bonus trainings
Access to Facebook Community
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One time payment


One payment, prices in USD

You'll gain access to the Spiritual Success Experience
Bimonthly live group sessions
Over 30 sales trainings and mastering sales bonus trainings
Access to Facebook Community
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