executive sales coaching

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executive sales coaching

are you experiencing this?
  • Your marketing is on point but you’re drowning in leads that aren't converting…

  • You’re noticing that when you do have sales, it's from your efforts even though you have sales teams.

  • You feel like your sales people aren’t converting as much as you like them too. And yes they'll convert leads but you literally had to hand the leads to the sales rep.

  • You feel like you can sell better yourself but you’re at the point where you earned the ability to delegate this.

  • You feel like you only make sales during launches.

do you desire this?
  • To have proven systems in place so your sales team can easily qualify the large pool of leads.

  • Have your sales team easily identify which container your leads belong to and convey the value so they’re excited to join.

  • Your sales team is consistently making sales, not only during launches but in between and without you just from constantly filling your sales funnel.

  • Having happy clients who continually buy again and again, progressing through your ascension model.

  • Less expenses from marketing and have your sales team organically grow their own portfolios.

  • Your salespeople to be empowered to make more revenue and a company culture that supports massive success.

  • A customized sales training experience for your entire sales team that teaches them exactly how, even what to say for every one of your products so that they are organically adding leads, converting, and keeping clients for life through retention so you can add more zeros to your income.



Cynthia’s executive sales coaching is for very established seven-figure entrepreneurs, and may include multiple six figure clients as well. Upon having a conversation with Cynthia, she’ll be able to pick the perfect customized plan for you and your team. Cynthia has personally ran and managed 2 million dollar plus launches for previous online coaching. She will teach your team how to do everything that needs to happen before conversion, during, and after, while continuously having consultation calls, connections, and building your database to ultimately convert. Cynthia will make sure your team understands who they’re selling to. It doesn’t matter how great you are presenting at a workshop if you don’t have the right qualified people there. Cynthia teaches your team to know your ideal client, how to qualify them, and will provide your team a customized coaching curriculum where they will be making sales consistently. She will come in as a contractor and train your full team to become the best sales talent making more revenue and creating a company culture that supports success.


For my Executive Sales Clients, I work with multiple seven figures or higher. I'm providing customized white glove service to support your sales teams to skyrocket their revenue. I'm helping you to manage and secure that talent and create an effective company culture that motivates more sales. What I do is, I come in and I learn your programs. I meet your team, and I bring your team's vision into motivating them, and seeing how to treat their work as if they're the CEO of their own desk. I help them be self accountable. I teach them how to be self responsible, be self disciplined, and really become aligned with the company's brand to make more sales. It's very customized, and I do it in a short amount of time. Within three months, every single client that I've worked with has added at least six figures to their monthly recurring revenue and multiple six figures to their monthly earned cash. It's a boot camp style program, followed up with implementation and accountability. We do everything from role playing customer interactions, to teaching you every single objection. I prepare your team for every single type of phone call so that they can be making sales leading up to during and after conversion events that you're hosting.


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