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If you have really big goals in your business and want customized support to skyrocket your sales then Cynthia is here to help hyperspeed your results by having accountability and daily customized support. Meet with Cynthia in your virtual coaching sessions, have daily support in Voxer and for a short time only, have an in person VIP Day as part of your 1:1 coaching experience.

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As an intuitive woman, Cynthia has the ability to tap into your fullest potential. She acknowledges your Inner Feminine Beast™, AKA the highest version of you that has the power, strength, clarity, and courage to GET IT DONE and SEE IT THROUGH! Cynthia will consistently communicate with HER (Your Inner Feminine Beast™), help you to live in alignment, and make sure you’re making decisions in your online coaching business as if you’re already at your desired end result. Because it doesn’t matter what you do, as much as focusing on who you are when you are doing it! With 1:1 coaching, you will meet with Cynthia twice a month for hourly sessions and you will receive Voxer Support Monday-Thursday. This high touch access will allow you to always know what the next step is for skyrocketing your revenue in your business and having leadership support when it comes to achieving your goals.

topics we explore

Channeling and deeply connecting

to your Inner Feminine Beast™

Structuring your business

to fit into your desired lifestyle

Identifying your perfect client

so you can reach your target audience

Structuring, pricing, and packaging

your different offers

Creating blueprints

to secure future income and create recurring revenue

Create a solid understanding of the art of direct messaging

to connect and move leads through the sales process

Determining weekly marketing must-dos

to generate leads

Discussing how to convert leads

via connection calls, consultations, and customized conversion strategies


Help you to identify and create multiple streams of income

Build multiple tiers

for your programs

Build clients for life

and build retention

Help you to schedule your entire year

for launch, conversion, coaching events so you can create a business that revolves around their lifestyle, not a lifestyle that revolves around their business.

Help you take your ideas, and turn them into scalable offers

to grow your profitable business quickly

Anything you would like more support on, this experience is entirely customizable.


dr. erin oksol
Elite expert in neuroscience,
mindset, sales, influence,
and the psychology of success
gen stoney
Women’s Empowerment & Sobriety Coach